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Bitcoin News Trader Uncovered: The Behind The Scenes Story

We’ve done a lot of talking about Bitcoin, so hopefully, you feel confident enough to start trading it. 

For others, though, they want to know more about the team here at Bitcoin News Trader before they commit. It’s understandable, although you might be disappointed that our story isn’t one of grandeur or excellence. Bitcoin News Trader was founded shortly after the Bitcoin crash in 2017. It initially started out as an education project with the intention of teaching people about Bitcoin.

There were talks about scholastic programs, creating online courses, and more material of that nature. However, following the crash, the governments of the world seemingly unanimously were steering people away from Bitcoin. 

This wasn’t out of the goodness of their hearts, as seldom anything is. Instead, it was out of fear. The governments didn’t have control over Bitcoin, but more importantly, it was untaxable. They didn’t want people catching on to it, so they turned it into the boogieman.

This meant that we hit brick walls while appealing to any official bodies regarding Bitcoin and crypto education programs. It’s a shame, given that the world’s leaders have done a complete 180 on Bitcoin, but without that hardship, we would have never had Bitcoin News Trader.

The Switch to Bitcoin News Trader

When the education endeavors were met with resistance, we decided to take a different route. It was clear that we couldn’t rely on any pre-established systems for support, so we decided to create our own one. 

We put out a recruitment call as well as began setting up for rounds of funding. It didn’t take long before we have a team together, given that Bitcoin was still the hot new thing despite its tumbling downfall. 

We’ve been creating the trading program that Bitcoin News Trader is built off of for years now, so if you’re reading this, that finally means that it’s done, and all of that hard work paid off!

Bitcoin News Trader Today

You have a once in a generation opportunity today, so don’t miss out on it. It’s only going to take you a couple of minutes to set up your Bitcoin News Trader account, so what are you waiting for?

The sooner you register, the better. Even as you’re reading this, plans are being put in place to adopt Bitcoin for overseas transactions. Once that happens, you can say goodbye to any hopes of buying sub-six-digit Bitcoin. 

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